Bride Makeup

Bride Makeup

Professional long lasting bride makeup

Makeup & Chignon

Makeup & Chignon

3D long lasting makeup

Makeup courses

Makeup courses

Become a licensed cosmetologist

Color & Highlight

High quality salon rated products

At Almas we use the highest quality hair dye with the least controlled amount of ammonia best suited for your specific type of hair. Often times we are able to achieve your desired color through the right combination of color and products; allowing us to stay away from techniques that put a lot of stress on your hair such as bleaching. This will keep your hair healthy and save you money.

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Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Most women didn’t have good experience with their custom made wedding dress. Because their dresses were far from what they had imagined. To avoid this, we try to provide you a wedding dress as close as to your desirable model.

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About Almas Neshan

A makeup artist job is to provide you a desired look by considering your requests and taste.

The top priority of Almas Neshan beauty salon is professionalism and hiring the right personnel to provide you the best services.

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